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Who we are

Origami’s idea unfolded itself in 2020 while we, Ioanna and Ioannis, decided that we wanted to do something more. Therefore, we grabbed the opportunity to leave our corporate careers in Amsterdam, after more than a decade living in the Netherlands, and return here to our beloved home country to create a boutique hotel.

As we sat with the idea, we realized more and more how much joy we get from curating and creating experiences that make people feel like they belong, how important connecting with others over shared enjoyments – like food, wine, conversation or experiences – is, and how wonderful we could feel, if we could offer all these on a bigger scale, than just our living room.

We saw not only an opportunity to create an outpouring of what we love most, but also an opportunity for ourselves and our future guests to settle, unwind and relax into a beautiful oasis where they can comfortably and happily unfold.

Our love and service of Origami and its guests is also a way for us to explore, grow and flow as people, a family and as part of a community. We were inspired by the intricate care and exceptional attention to every detail of origami art, and how this philosophy matches our love to serve our guests. No cutting corners.
Origami is a way for us to unfold in to our own sense of belonging, openness and true selves.

We’ve designed Origami to be a place that you’ll come and leave feeling revitalized. Spacious, ambient and elegantly simple our boutique residences are stylish with uncompromising attention to detail to unfold your senses.

Warmth, welcomeness and willingness are part of our make up. We serve you from the heart. We are always thinking of what will make you smile, and we are delighted to welcome you through our doors.
Ultimately, this is a place for you. A haven for you to relax, explore and enjoy in the way that you need.

Origami. A place to unfold.

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