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How to Get to Nafplio

The town of Nafplio in the Peloponnese peninsula is one of the most scenic towns in Greece. It is famous for its mix of beautiful and well-preserved Venetian, Ottoman, and Neo-Classical architecture.

The easiest way to access Nafplio is by flying into Athens and driving from there. You also have the option of taking a ferry from Piraeus, or from certain Greek islands. If you would like to visit somewhere else before heading to Nafplio, Corinth is a good halfway point.

You can experience Nafplio and the rest of the Peloponnese with this 15-day itinerary.

From Athens
Duration: 2-5 hours

The best way to get from Athens to Nafplio is by self-driving a rental car, or hiring a private transfer. You could also take the bus or ferry.

The drive into Nafplio is two hours long, and takes you through the Isthmus of Corinth. You will have to pay tolls along the way.

KTEL buses from Athens to Nafplio leave from Kifissos Bus Terminal (KTEL Bus Station A). The bus station can be accessed via metro stop “Agios Antonios” on the red line (M2) of the Athens Metro, although you will have to walk about 15 minutes from there.

If you would like to reach Nafplio by taking a ferry from Piraeus, you will have to book tickets to the port towns of Ermioni or Porto Heli. From there, you can catch a bus to Kranidi, where you will have to switch to another bus heading to Nafplio.

From the Greek Islands
Duration: 1 hour or less from the Saronic islands, more from other islands

The closest Greek islands to Nafplio are the Saronic islands, off the coast of the eastern Peloponnese. You can easily book tickets to Ermioni or Porto Heli from Hydra, Poros, or Spetses. Most ferries leave no more than once a day, so booking in advance is recommended.

If you are coming from other island groups further afield, like the Cyclades, Dodecanese, or Ionian islands, you will have to travel to Piraeus by ferry, or fly into Athens airport. From there, you can drive directly to Nafplio, or connect to another ferry traveling to Ermioni or Porto Heli.

From Corinth
Duration: 1 hour

Corinth is an interesting stopping-off point between Athens and Nafplio. There is an important archaeological site at ancient Corinth, which can be reached by driving or by local bus from the modern city of Corinth. There is also a smaller archaeological site at Isthmia nearby.

To get directly from Corinth to Nafplio, you can drive or take a private transfer. The drive takes about an hour, and includes tolls.

You also have the option of taking a bus. Note that buses going into the Peloponnese from Corinth don’t leave from the KTEL station in the new city. Instead, they leave from “Isthmus Station”, which is a bus station located outside the city, near the Corinth Canal. Isthmus Station is about a ten-minute drive from the new city of Corinth, or a 15-minute drive from the archaeological site. You can get there by taxi.

Once you get to Isthmus Station, you can catch a bus to Nafplio. Buses leave every 1-2 hours, and take about an hour to make the journey.

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